Introducing: Straywave

If you asked my friends what my music sounded like, they would probably describe guitars, piano and the names “Avril Lavigne” and “Panic! At The Disco” would also come up at some point. I never thought myself I would ever do Electronic music.

Back in mid-2014, my friend Rob Tulley (@rptrraptr) asked me to lend my vocals for one of his tracks. We were both so pleased with the end result, I ended up writing the lyrics and vocals for a few more tracks. That’s when Straywave was born.

It has been a growing project, very self-experimental: from moody house-inspired to empowering electro-pop, we also tried different ways to build each track. We gave ourselves time and room to explore and made sure that Straywave expressed both of us as musicians.

Young Hearts is a definite pop track about having been young (-er) and thinking back to how we used to be – very nostalgic. With influences from EDM and current pop tracks, it is one of our favourite tracks we have done so far, hence why we decided to release it as our first single from our first EP. I believe that, though perhaps still a stepping stone to define our style as a duo, this track is definitely a representation of what we do.

Young Hearts will come out this spring/summer, and the EP hopefully shortly after. In the meantime stay up-to-date by following us on the links below:

Ta & ciau!

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